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During an earnings conference call earlier this week, Qualcomm announced that it had begun sampling MDM9x25 to customers. MDM9x25 is Qualcomm's its third generation multimode 28nm baseband, the successor to MDM9x15, and also is Qualcomm's first UE Category 4 LTE baseband with 3GPP Release 10 support. Previous LTE basebands MDM9x00 (45nm) and MDM9x15 (28nm) were UE Category 3, which means a maximum of 100 Mbps of throughput on the downlink, even on 20 MHz wide LTE channels. Category 4 LTE modems will be able to use the full 100 resource blocks on 20 MHz FDD-LTE and thus see up to 150 Mbps of throughput, you just need a carrier that has 20 MHz FDD-LTE rolled out. In addition MDM9x25 will include support for LTE carrier aggregation inter-band and intra-band to aggregate together enough spectrum to get effectively 20MHz . 

In addition, MDM9x25's support for 3GPP Release 10 means inclusion of inter-band and intra-band carrier aggregation for WCDMA, in addition to MIMO support on top of DC-HSPA+. This means a theoretical bitrate of 84 Mbps for the carrier aggregation plus MIMO modes on WCDMA.

We have a lot more information about MDM9x25 and the current state of Qualcomm's upcoming modem and transceiver portfolio that we'll be going over in a larger piece in the coming week. Expect to see devices based on MDM9x25 start shipping sometime in 2013. 

Source: Qualcomm

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