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The initial batch of 802.11ac routers shipped with the dated and inefficient BCM4706 (based on a 600 MHz MIPS32 CPU). Broadcom made some amends last year with the BCM4708x / BCM5301x targeting the SOHO and SMB space respectively. Today, Broadcom is introducing the StrataGX BCM5862x to satisfy the market demand for SMB storage routers.

Broadcom has made some evolutionary updates to the BCM5301x in order to increase performance and simplify design.

The BCM5862x supports both 16 and 32b DDR3 (compared to the 16b-only BCM5301x). The Cortex-A9 cores gain an extra 200 MHz to run at 1.2 GHz. L2 cache is doubled from 256KB to 512KB. The SoC integrates two SATA ports (to accommodate such a design, the BCM5301x had to use an external PCIe switch and a PCIe SATA bridge).  The Cortex-A9 cluster in the BCM5862x integrates NEON and VFP, as these features are important for NAS platforms. A 5-port GbE switch is also integrated. The FlexSPARX engine in the StrataGX BCM5862x provides packet and storage acceleration that offloads CPU for other tasks and a crypto engine provides support for IPsec / SSL and VPNs. These features make it attractive for integrated NAS / branch routers in SMB environments.

The StrataGX BCM5862x is available now and sampling to customers.

Source: Broadcom

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