Original Link: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7296/lepa-launches-new-line-of-high-efficiency-power-supplies

LEPA Technology (closely related to Enermax) is launching two 80 Plus certified power supply lines along with a non-80 Plus certified budget line.

The GM-MaxGold power supplies are certified 80 Plus Gold (92% efficiency) and feature hybrid modular cabling and a single 12V rail. They also include what LEPA calls their "Anti3s Q-Brick design," which is a "protective sleeve that protects power supplies from...shock, static, and slip." Meanwhile, the BM-MaxBron series are certified 80 Plus Bronze, but they maintain the same feature set as the GM-MaxGold line with one exception; only the GM-MaxGold is explicitly cited as supporting the Haswell C6/C7 sleep state.

LEPA GM-MaxGold power supplies are available at 500W for $89, 600W for $99, and 700W for $109. If you step down slightly to the BM-MaxBron units, you can get 450W for $69, 700W for $99, 800W for $109, and the full kilowatt for $139.

Meanwhile, the more budget oriented MX F1 series includes an extended AUX 12V line, but is otherwise a basic 115/230Vac power supply. Still, it's very affordable, with the 350W model running $29, the 400W running $39, and the 600W running $49.

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