Today marks the introduction of our fifth weekly price guide. As there was no price guide update last week, we now continue on track with our CPU & Video Card Price Guide.

As always, we publish this article to help you, the user, find the best deal on current technologies without having to scour the net. Finding the best deals can not only be time consuming but also frustrating. Not only does one have to search various places to find the best price, one must also take into consideration the reliability of the vender; what good is finding an extremely low price if it takes weeks to come or does not come at all? As always we encourage the reader to investigate every retailer's reliability before ordering, but we have eliminated typically problematic ones from our price guides.

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This Week

This week our CPU and Video Card Price Guide shows some very interesting trends. On the Intel side, we see that the Pentium 4 chips have fallen slightly in price while Pentium III prices remain only slightly lower than two weeks ago. We will most likely have to wait for the Pentium 4 to penetrate the market to a greater extent before we see Pentium III prices drop as Intel promised.

On the AMD side, we still see no 133MHz CPUs but we see an extremely large price drop in many of the faster processors. As you will see in a minute, this makes for some quite exciting buys.

Finally, video card prices remain virtually unchanged with the exception to high end NVIDIA based cards, once again producing some quite exciting potential buys.

Intel CPUs

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