The 3-2-1 data backup strategy involves keeping three copies of all essential data, spread over at least two different devices with at least one of them being off-site or disaster-resistant in some way. It is almost impossible to keep copies of large frequently updated data sets current in an off-site data backup strategy. This is where ioSafe's disaster-resistant units come into the picture. Products such as the SoloPRO and the ioSafe N2 show how ioSafe has continued to innovate in this space. The ioSafe 1513+ is their most ambitious product to date, attempting to place Synology's most powerful 5-bay NAS unit inside a fire- and waterproof package. Read on for a closer look at the hardware and performance of the unit.

Synology DSM 5.0 Teaser, Disaster-Resistant ioSafe 1513+ and Egnyte Hybrid Cloud at CES

Prior to CES, Synology sent out a press release touting the upcoming launch of the DiskStation Manager 5.0 public beta. It talked about the new features at a very...

13 by Ganesh T S on 1/12/2014

ioSafe N2: A Disaster-Resistant Synology DS213

The emergence of the digital economy has brought to fore the importance of safeguarding electronic data. We have discussed the 3-2-1 data backup strategy before in the piece where...

26 by Ganesh T S on 3/4/2013

Synology at CES 2013: DSM 4.2 and the ioSafe N2

We met up with Synology at CES today, and the main focus was on the recently released Disk Station Manager 4.2 firmware. Different NAS vendors take different approaches to...

6 by Ganesh T S on 1/10/2013

ioSafe N2: A Disaster Proof NAS with Synology DSM

ioSafe used to manufacture disaster proof NAS solutions / backup appliances such as the ioSafe R4. The R4s used to cost upwards of $10K, weighed more than 120 lbs...

14 by Ganesh T S on 9/18/2012

ioSafe SoloPRO: Disaster Proofing Your Storage Needs

Consumers understand the importance of keeping their documents and other material possessions safe from unexpected disasters. Towards this, many invest in fireproof and waterproof safes. However, as the digital...

34 by Ganesh T S on 4/9/2012

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