When the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) was introduced in 2010, it was created to solve a simple but none the less daunting problem: how to get power in and digital video out of cell phones and other mobile devices without requiring additional (or more complex) ports, such as what would be required for HDMI. The solution developed by Silicon Image and the MHL Consortium members was the ultimate piggy-back solution, devising a method to handle power and video using just 5 pins (the number of pins in a mini/micro-USB 2.0 connector) and connecting it to MHL-compliant TVs via their HDMI ports. MHL had no port or cable to call its own, but it had an altered protocol based on the same TMDS technology behind...

DVDO Announces Matrix6 6x2 Ultra HD Matrix Switcher

Most people I know are still merely lusting after the thought of a good 4K display – the least expensive displays start at around $700 for a 39” model...

11 by Jarred Walton on 9/17/2013

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