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The next element of Microsoft’s Surface line is here, and the anticipated Surface 3 throws up a couple of (nice) surprises. Starting at $499, the Surface 3 will complement the Surface Pro 3 by offering a 10.8-inch device in a 1920x1280 resolution. That sounds a little odd being a bit more than full-HD, but offers a 3:2 resolution like the larger Surface Pro 3. Under the hood is Intel’s new Atom x7 which we discussed briefly during the Atom re-naming launch earlier this year, which means a 14nm class device featuring Airmont cores and the direct upgrade from Silvermont and Bay Trail. The release states that this is the high end model, which would suggest a quad-core Atom design running above 2 GHz. Microsoft/Intel...

The AnandTech Podcast: Episode 17

We managed to get in one more Podcast before Brian and I leave for MWC 2013 today. With the number of major announcements that happened in the past week...

17 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/22/2013

ZTE to Build Tegra 4 Smartphone, Working on i500 Based Design As Well

ZTE just announced that it would be building a Tegra 4 based smartphone for the China market in the first half of 2013. Given NVIDIA's recent statements about Tegra...

11 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/20/2013

Intel Demos CloverTrail+ Based Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 Ahead of MWC

Lenovo announced its ultra slim (6.9mm) 5.5" 1080p IdeaPhone K900 at CES earlier this year, based on Intel's presently unannounced CloverTrail+ SoC. While we're expecting to learn a lot...

16 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/20/2013

Hands on and Impressions from the HTC One - Formerly M7

HTC is in an interesting position as a result of this last product cycle. While the previous HTC One series’ industrial design and performance was top notch, other OEMs...

140 by Brian Klug on 2/19/2013

NVIDIA Announces Tegra 4i, Formerly Project Grey, With Integrated LTE and Phoenix Reference Design

It has been a while since we’ve heard anything about Project Grey, the first NVIDIA SoC with an integrated digital baseband, and the result of NVIDIA’s acquisition of soft-modem...

21 by Brian Klug & Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/19/2013

HTC NYC Event: Live Blog

Join us right here at 10AM EST today as we live blog HTC's big NYC event. We'll hopefully find out what HTC's got under wraps. Afterwards stay tuned for...

9 by Jason Inofuentes on 2/19/2013

Microsoft Surface Pro mSATA SSD Upgrade: Dangerous but Successful

Unlike current ARM or Atom based tablets, Microsoft's Surface Pro integrates a full blown mSATA SSD. My review sample included a 128GB Micron C400, while I've seen reports of...

35 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/17/2013

Tegra 4 Shipment Date: Still Q2 2013

Last night NVIDIA's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, stated that shipments of its Tegra 4 SoC to customers would begin in Q2. A few outlets incorrectly assumed this meant Q2 of...

2 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/14/2013

Nexus 4 JDQ39 4.2.2 OTA Update Removes Unofficial LTE on Band 4

Just after it launched, we discussed how the Nexus 4 included undocumented support for LTE on Band 4 (AWS) which could be enabled simply by choosing the appropriate RAT...

18 by Brian Klug on 2/13/2013

Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown: mSATA SSD Inside

After we published our Surface Pro review I went back and updated it to confirm that the SSD inside was indeed of the mSATA variety. My particular review sample...

12 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/13/2013

Broadcom Announces BCM21892 - Their First 4G LTE-Advanced Baseband

It was teased at this year's CES demonstrating VoLTE calls, we saw it working in a reference design, and today, Broadcom is finally ready to make their first LTE-enabled...

17 by Brian Klug on 2/12/2013

WikiPad Gaming Tablet Coming This Spring For $249

Gaming on Android has been a hot topic lately. Purpose built consoles and handhelds have been rolling out along with plenty of excellent games. The WikiPad, announced in 10-inch...

11 by Jason Inofuentes on 2/7/2013

Microsoft Surface Pro Review

There's clearly interest in a device that converges the tablet and notebook. ASUS saw some of the earliest success in this department with its Transformer line of Android tablets...

229 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 2/5/2013

3DMark for Windows Launches; We Test It with Various Laptops

After a two-year hiatus, Futuremark is back with a new version of 3DMark, and in many ways this is their most ambitious version to date. Instead of the usual...

69 by Jarred Walton on 2/5/2013

Epic Games Releases Epic Citadel for Android Devices - We test it out

Epic Games granted us a huge wish and released Epic Citadel for Android devices publicly this week, and included a benchmark inside. Getting Epic Citadel for Android and thus...

52 by Brian Klug on 1/30/2013

BlackBerry 10 Announcement: Live Blog

We're seated at RIM's BlackBerry 10 launch event. Keep your browser parked here for our live blog that should start at 10AM EST.

39 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 1/30/2013

The AnandTech Podcast: Episode 15

We're back after CES and have a little bit of post-show wrap-up. We kick off this week's podcast with a discussion of Intel's near term challenges in the industry...

32 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 1/28/2013

Element Case Sector 5 for iPhone 5 Review

Most of the AnandTech crew seems to be averse to putting cases on their phones for a variety of different reasons. I’m still of the persuasion where I want...

47 by Brian Klug on 1/26/2013

Intel Introduces the Safaricom Yolo Based On Z2420 Lexington Smartphone Platform

At CES I took a look at Intel's newly announced Lexington platform FFRD (Form Factor Reference Design) which is an entry-level smartphone design aimed at emerging markets and uses...

17 by Brian Klug on 1/24/2013

Hands on with Microsoft's Surface Pro, Available in US & Canada on February 9th

When it launched Surface RT, Microsoft mentioned that 3 months later it would be bringing out an Ivy Bridge version running Windows 8 Pro. At the end of last...

56 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 1/22/2013

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