The desktop PC market has been subject to many challenges over the last few years. However, the miniaturization trend (including the introduction of the ultra-compact form factor - UCFF - NUCs) has provided some bright spots. The recent introduction of the mini-STX (5x5) form factor has provided yet another option between the NUC and the mITX form factor for PC builders. The ECS LIVA One was one of the first mini-STX PCs to come to the market. MSI also introduced the Cubi 2 Plus models around the same time. The lineup consists of two models - the consumer-focused Cubi 2 Plus, and the business-focused Cubi 2 Plus vPro. Read on for our review of the two versions of the mini-PC.

MAINGEAR Rolls-Out 34” All-in-One PC with 18-Core Xeon, GeForce GTX Titan X

The concept of the all-in-one desktop personal computer was created to save space and simplify design of PCs. While there have been a number of traditional AIO desktops available...

14 by Anton Shilov on 1/5/2016

Build-A-Rig Round 2, SilverStone vs. Crucial: The $800 PC Showdown

We’re back again for the final phase of our second Build-a-Rig competition. For this round we are doing a theme relevant to many a younger enthusiast: back to school...

43 by Daniel Williams on 11/12/2015

Apple Updates The iMac Line With a 21.5" Retina Model

Almost exactly one year ago Apple launched their first ever iMac with Retina display at their October 2014 event. The launch had a number of surprises, with one of...

45 by Brandon Chester on 10/13/2015

ECS LIVA Core Review: A Fanless Core M mini-PC

The desktop PC market has been subject to many challenges over the last few years. However, the miniaturization trend (including the introduction of the ultra-compact form factor - UCFF...

35 by Ganesh T S on 10/7/2015

Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Review - A Gaming mini-PC Done Right

In the course of our coverage of mini-PCs, we have seen offerings from vendors such as ASRock, GIGABYTE and Zotac targeting the gaming market. Usually, 'mini' doesn't fit the...

88 by Ganesh T S on 9/28/2015

HDPLEX Unveils 2nd Generation H5 Passive PC Chassis

The advent of CPUs with low TDPs (but having enough power to handle HTPC duties) has resulted in passive HTPCs becoming more and more popular. There are a number...

16 by Ganesh T S on 9/15/2015

Asus Announces the VivoStick PC - A Cherry Trail Compute Stick

At IFA 2015, Asus is announcing their first PC in the 'compute stick' form factor, the VivoStick PC. As a recap, the Compute Stick form factor is the x86...

30 by Ganesh T S on 9/2/2015

ECS LIVA x2 Review: A Compact & Fanless Braswell PC

The popularity of the NUC form factor has led to a resurgence in the nettop category. Thankfully, the core computing performance of the new systems have been miles ahead...

30 by Ganesh T S on 8/24/2015

Intel Launches New Socketed 5x5 mini-PC Motherboards

Over the last couple of years, the ultra-compact form factor (UCFF) has emerged as one of the bright spots in the troubled PC market. Kickstarted by Intel's NUC (Next...

44 by Ganesh T S on 8/24/2015

Aleutia Updates R50 and T1 Fanless Industrial PCs with Partial Copper Chassis

Aleutia's fanless industrial PCs have seen deployment in a large number of developing countries as well as other extreme environments, thanks to their rugged nature and low power requirements...

8 by Ganesh T S on 8/10/2015

Build-A-Rig Round 1, Zotac vs. Corsair: The $1500 PC Showdown

We’re back again for the final phase of our inaugural Build-A-Rig Challenge, the performance showdown. For the showdown we have run the assembled Zotac and Corsair systems through our...

21 by Ryan Smith on 8/5/2015

ASRock Beebox Review: A Fanless Braswell UCFF PC

ASRock had taken an early lead in serving the mini-PC market, thanks to its Core / Vision series units. Based on motherboards meant for the notebook market (smaller than...

45 by Ganesh T S on 7/14/2015

The MSI Gaming Booth Tour with dGPUs in AIOs and Notebooks plus Motherboards

It has been held as fact that for the past couple of years, gaming is helping to prop up a slowly decreasing desktop PC market. While many casual PC...

48 by Ian Cutress on 6/29/2015

Microsoft Surface Hub Availability And Specifications Announced

Today Microsoft announced more news regarding the Surface Hub, which is their large-screen collaboration device. Built specifically for the business conference room, the Surface Hub packs some impressive features...

36 by Brett Howse on 6/10/2015

Steam Machines, Steam Link, & Steam Controller Launching November 10th

For a couple of years now Valve has been developing and promoting the concept of what has become their Steam Universe. The Linux-based SteamOS running on top of console-sized...

57 by Ryan Smith on 6/4/2015

ASUS Zensation Press Conference Live Blog: Computex 2015

I'm sitting at ASUS' annual press conference here in Taipei. We're set to start at 2pm UTC +8, stay tuned for the latest.

5 by Ian Cutress on 6/1/2015

ASRock Releases Cherry Trail Mini-PC: The Beebox

The mini-PC revolution has passed a lot of regular computer users as something that happened but might not be that interesting, especially if you are used to the lights...

30 by Ian Cutress on 5/15/2015

The Lenovo ThinkStation P900 Workstation Review: Design 101

The workstation market has always been a consistent seller. The dream of offloading to an on or off-site VM and a cluster for work processing still lies more in...

61 by Ian Cutress on 5/6/2015

Logic Supply ML100G-30 Fanless Broadwell vPro Industrial NUC Review

Passively cooled computing systems carry many advantages. Most of these turn out to be very important for industrial and embedded applications. The low power nature of the NUCs make...

34 by Ganesh T S on 4/29/2015

Intel PPSTCK1A32WFC Bay Trail-T Compute Stick Review

The success of UCFF PCs have made vendors realize that small and power-efficient computing platforms are here to stay. ARM SoC manufacturers, finding that the tablet market had reached...

103 by Ganesh T S on 4/22/2015

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