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AMD Radeon R7 SSD (240GB) Review

In 2011 AMD took the first step in expanding the Radeon brand and partnered with Patriot and VisionTek to provide AMD branded memory. With the launch of the Radeon...

43 by Kristian Vättö 4 days ago

AMD Set To Announce New FX Processors

During the 30 Years of Graphics & Gaming Innovation celebration on the weekend, AMD took the opportunity to announce several new models of FX Processors that will be coming...

39 by Brett Howse 6 days ago

AMD Announces Radeon R9 285, Shipping September 2nd

During their 30 years of graphics celebration, today AMD announced a forthcoming addition to the Radeon R9 200 graphics card lineup. Launching on September 2nd will be the company’s...

84 by Ryan Smith on 8/23/2014

AMD Celebrates 30 Years of Gaming and Graphics Innovation

AMD sent us word that tomorrow they will be hosting a Livecast celebrating 30 years of graphics and gaming innovation. Thirty years is a long time, and certainly we...

32 by Jarred Walton on 8/22/2014

AMD Jumps Into the SSD Market: Radeon R7 Series SSD Launched

Back in 2011, AMD made a rather unexpected move and expanded its Radeon brand to include memory in addition to graphics cards. With today's announcement AMD is adding another...

42 by Kristian Vättö on 8/19/2014

GIGABYTE AM1M-S2H Review: What Can $35 Get You?

While most of the time enthusiasts are playing around with the latest and greatest, the cheaper low performance platforms are usually the high volume movers. As we explained in...

45 by Ian Cutress on 8/15/2014

AMD Completes FirePro Refresh, Adds 4 New FirePro Cards

Kicking off a busy day for professional graphics, AMD is first up to announce that they will be launching a quartet of new FirePro cards. As part of the...

27 by Ryan Smith on 8/12/2014

AMD’s Big Bet on ARM Powered Servers: Opteron A1100 Revealed

It has been a full seven months since AMD released detailed information about its Opteron A1100 server CPU, and twenty two months since announcement. Today, at the Hot Chips...

28 by Stephen Barrett on 8/11/2014

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