Corsair has been releasing one case after another lately, expanding their already large ranks with an even greater variety of products. It has been less than three months since the release of the Obsidian 250D, a cubic Mini-ITX case, and only two days since another member of the Obsidian series, the Midi-ATX Obsidian 450D, has been announced. Today, Corsair announced the release of yet another case, the Graphite 730T/760T. We've had the case for a few days, so read on for our review.

Rosewill Armor EVO Case Review: Sometimes Performance Isn't Everything

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NZXT Phantom 820 Case Review: Everything, Everything

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Lian Li PC-A76X Case Review: The Limits of Aluminum

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In-Win GRone Case Review: Do Features Make the Case

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